I I have been an Airbrush Artist for over 35 years and over the past 15 years or so I have been lucky enough to be involved in some fabulous commissions, mostly motorcycles, and created several pieces I am very proud of still today.

I am currently focussing more  on what I have always loved above all things when it comes to painting subjects and that is Portraiture. If you have read through my website, you will be aware by now that I am incredibly passionate about my new ventures. I will be recording many Airbrush Tutorials and sharing them here over the next months ~ Beej


I painted Mark's Warrior back in 2008 and I simply can't believe it was 12 years ago now! The images and projects I airbrushed on this page represent my absolute favourites and Mark's 'Knights on the Road' is in my top 3.


All the Airbrush Artwork on Knights of the Road is 100% water-based. I wanted to change back then from solvent-based painting because - although it seemed to be much easier with solvents to super-tight details - I wanted to be able to work in my home studio and my youngest child back then was only 2 yrs old. It was important for me to be able to work from home and I really didn't want solvent smells around my children at all.

All the paints used were Etac EFX & Private Stock with a little mix-in of Liquitex 'Airbrush Medium'.


'Knights on the Road - Airbrushing the Warrior' Parts 1 & 2 will be available to watch very soon right here for free. Part 2 is currently being edited. You can submit the 'Subscribe' button at the footer of the page to keep notified of new Movie uploads or check back to our Video section.


2 Months of Painting Dragon Scales

Sure, No Problem at all . . . 


“I must admit this is one of the best, most detailed and beautiful paintwork designs I’ve seen in all my years of doing this job”

Pat Ringwood - Editor of 100% Biker Magazine

The Red Dragon Harley is still my favourite No. 1 paintjob. This was the bike that set me firmly on the road towards custom painting and although I used the airbrush for shadow detail to create a 3D effect, it was mainly all painting with 'Riggers' and lining brushes. The client wanted the bike to look as if it was rendered with classic, Japanese tattoo work, so I studied many books to get the right 'look'.

It was crucial to me to get this right, so there was really only one way to paint her, line-art first - just like a Tattoo Artist would. Every single line and each dragon scale rendered with a fine paintbrush and then the airbrush was used for shading effects.

The client was so pleased with the end result that I heard later he got himself a back-piece inked with the imagery. I would love to know where this motorcycle is today? If you may have that info, please contact me.


At Number 2 in my Top 3 List of Favourite Paint Jobs through the years is Darren's Venom Chopper. Darren approached me at the Pro Custom Bike Show in Doncaster informing me he had this beast on the way from the USA. After agreeing a deposit I got straight onto visuals for the artwork and once the pieces arrived they were

prepped and painted by my good friend Dave from Customise Perfection

The Venom scheme was chosen by Darren and I was happy to oblige!

The artwork on the sides of the tank was painted to mimic faux chrome and

is a direct copy of the belt drive cover which you can see on this photo below.

Darren asked me if I could replicate something similar, with a sort of blue to purple chrome effect.

I really loved the way the flames came out on this job too. And of course, I must pay my

heart-felt respects to the incredible Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint who we lost this year.

If it hadn't been for Mike's 'Tru Fire' technique I simply could have not

developed my flame-painting style to this standard.

God Bless you Mike.

Hope you are flamin' up chariots for the biker angels . .


Very honoured to have been asked to paint Justin Hawkins' Les Paul guitar a few years ago.

Original artwork by Mark Wilkinson who has produced album covers for The Darkness.

Mark approached me and asked if I would be interested in working with him on this commission - oh yes! 

• My Airbrushes are all iwata and Paint is Etac EFX & Createx illustration Colors •


Close-up detail of freehand airbrush work on guitar


'Debaq' was a very special and personal piece for my Son & Daughter-in-Laws' wedding in 2012.

My son is a talented artist and song maker and his wife is a very talented designer. They held their wedding reception at the Stour Space Gallery in South London where many friends & family members were asked to produce pieces of art. The art was then hung in the gallery as an exhibition to decorate the weddings'

day-time and evening receptions. Many pieces were produced by artists and friends.

I like to think that this piece (60"x40") best represents my 'organic' style of image creation and is one of my favourite paintings from the past 20 years. Freehand Airbrush illustration on primed canvas.

Only the very best Airbrushes


EFX & Createx Illustration Colors


If you like my Artwork and would be perhaps interested in commissioning me to create something for you, please contact me - I would be delighted to hear from you ~ Beej

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