I love writing Rhyming Stories and I have been creating my own characters - and some commissioned for clients - for many years.

Writing is such a cathartic process and it's wonderful to create worlds of fantasy populated by imaginary creatures, wether that be Faeries, Woodland Creatures like Scrumbly Numpkin & The Telling Tree or Lucy Loopy Locks and her Mad Hair! Please contact me if you are interested in my characters or any of my Children's Rhyming Stories


"Take heed my child when out at play, if thou sense danger - stay away!

And steer well clear of boundaries far, or a meal thou'st be in a monsters' jar!"

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Valley of the Shattered Pearl is a story I created back in 1987. I have always been a real fan of Brian Froud's Art and conceptual design for fantasy characters such as those in The World of the Dark Crystal. That movie, created by the wonderfully talented Jim Henson of  Muppets fame, truly inspired me back in 1982 and Froud's artwork in this, his books on Goblins & Faeries, conceptual and character designs for the movie Labyrinth - starring the late David Bowie - are still to this very day creatively stimulating. I am still very fond of these characters and sketches, so one of my up-coming Video Projects will be to re-create these images in Photoshop & Procreate. Back in 1987 there were no Wacom digital tablets, no iPad Pro's nor Photoshop for Digital Painting - but that's all different in the 21st Century and  I am looking forward to working on these older pieces and injecting some new life into them - more on that soon.


Scrumbly Numpkin (and Carabella - Blackberry Feary above) were inspired by living in the New Forest some years ago. Autumn is my favourite time of year and I feel that my creativity boosts around this season. Scrumbly Numpkin  is a work in progress, he is a little character who is awoken by the first Autumn leaf falling and proceeds to tell the woodland creatures stories. But when he is awoken this year, something is very different in the forest . . . 


Currently looking for Representation, Publishing and Licensing Possibilities so please contact me if you are interested

in my stories and characters - I would love to hear from you

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