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Episode 9 - Painting Colin Cotton - Airbrush Art Masterclass

• Final Portrait Details - Chain-Mail Detailed Effect - Sea Surface Reflections - Clear & Finish •

Hi All - if you've made it through to this very final episode I just wanted to say a Personal, Thank You. This project has been so incredibly important to me it's quite difficult to put that into words, but I do hope you have enjoyed it so far.

My plans now for the future are to focus on creating many more projects like this and make them available for free on my website and Youtube and your support is greatly appreciated. That doesn't mean you have to make a small donation, not at all (although if you do that is wonderful) All I ask is that you take a moment to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and click the like button.

Getting my work and my Art 'out there' and seen is important to me because Art is Truly a magical, mental health therapy and if my work goes any way whatsoever toward assisting someone else who - like myself - has suffered some very lonely, dark times, then that is incredibly rewarding.

Please share my links to the website with others and look forward to sharing more new projects with you very soon - Thanks for watching - Beej.

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Thank you - Beej 

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