'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up'  Pablo Picasso

digital & traditional illustration

I consider myself a devoted, Professional Creative with over 30 Years of experience in many fields. I have been involved in countless projects covering all types of artistic briefs. From Portraiture, Landscape Painting, Traditional Sign-Writing and Stage-Set Design & Build to Internationally renowned, Award-winning Airbrush Illustration, Digital Artist, Web Designer, Graphic Artist & Creative Concept Specialist.

· Character & Concept Design ·

· Digital Murals & Display Designs ·


Pen & ink Drawing • T-Shirt Design for Vape company


I worked with SEGA Europe for almost five years and travelled all

across the UK and Europe painting Sonic the Hedgehog and many

other Sega-based characters, Wall Murals and Displays

Eventually moving from Painting & Airbrushing

all the artwork maticulously by hand, to large

format digital printing and creating all the artwork in

Adobe Photoshop & Adobe illustrator. This image of Sonic to the

right was completely rendered in Adobe illustrator, meaning we

could then scale the eps file up to any size for printing many times.

'Creativity is Life' - Sega's motto and something that resonates strongly with me

Working in Hamleys Toy Shop, Regent Street, London was just incredible. I arrived at the store at around 7:00pm, just before closing, and then worked through the night until about 8:00am to get all the artwork completed. The staff room in Hamleys is on the roof of the building - which has 5 floors! So in my breaks I was able to roam around the store alone but the real 'perk' of that job was being on the roof five floors up in central London. I really wish back then in 1995 that I had access to a decent iPhone camera because the views across Londons' 4:00am skyline were breath-taking - Chim-chimney! And I'm sure I saw Mary Poppins . . .

Sega Park Murals & Designs: 1994 - 1998

35 Sega Park Centres

I am very proud to be able to say that I designed the Sega Park logo for Sega Europe

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