As a Very Proud father to a daughter who graduated as a newly-qualified, NHS Nurse only 2 weeks before the outbreak of Covid 19, I cannot begin to explain how  as each day passes, I wish desperately for this to all be over.

I spent a week myself in quarantine and while locked away, in the back spare room, I began to watch tutorial videos on-line; 3D software rendering, well known artists producing pieces and encouraging us all to try some Art Therapy to perhaps help ease our confused souls.

So, I grabbed myself a drawing pad and pencil, feeling incredibly

inspired for the very first time in what has been too many years


. . . and something just clicked within me

And now - I am very pleased to say - the Airbrushes are un-packed and back on my work station, primed with new needles and ready to go.

Having gleaned so much from watching others being creative on-line I felt very strongly about doing the same thing so I will be creating my own Tutorial Movies & Art Classes now but with one ultimate aim . . .

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