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Art Movies & On-Line Tutorials

State of the art technology, Adobe Software & the very latest in Creative Apps for our Apple recording devices gives us dedicated, movie-making opportunities.
Over the next few months and into the 21st Century,
the business model for Organic Image is quite simple;

Create Art - Make Movies - Be Art

I hope you come join me on the Creative Journey . . 

In these very strange, Covid-related times, many of us have unfortunately found ourselves in a place where mentally, we have not been to before. It can sometimes feel very difficult indeed to find the strength to be creative - and hopefully, that is where we come in! Having faced and  battled my own challenges through these bizarre and sometimes, dark days, it is important - I think - to reach out and offer something back to the Creative Community, because Art is - quite simply - Excellent Therapy.

I find that making films is a wonderful, cathartic process. The editing, creating the artwork, filming the painting process and investing many hours in post-production, all goes into creating a piece of work like this, it really helps me. I truly love it and I am incredibly passionate about it.

So -  there will be NO CHARGE for any of my films on-line, just a request - if you feel you enjoy the work and perhaps learn something, please consider Donating a small fee as every little helps towards production costs.

The Donate button is at the footer.

Thank You very much. Stay Safe & Stay Well - Beej.


I have worked on this Memorial piece of Colin for many weeks. Creating a re-touched and fully restored image/painting in Adobe Photoshop through to a finished, Airbrushed piece of Art on a section of dashboard from a Mini Cooper  S R53.

Special Thanks to Damien for asking me to create this for him back in April. It has been a Spiritually uplifting experience for me personally and has assisted in my own mental health recovery from depression and back into my own, personal Artistic Creativity.

Videos are hosted on Youtube but will be embedded here too so Please Subscribe to my Youtube Channel + like the films - Thank you.

• Video below is the 2 min Trailer for this very special collection of  9 x Airbrush Art & Photoshop  Movie Tutorials by OrgnicBeej •

• Click any image below to go directly to that Episodes' Page and watch Episodes 1 - 9 of my Photoshop & Airbrush Art Masterclass •

Photoshop nd Airbrush Masterclass with OrganicBeej
Photoshop nd Airbrush Masterclass with OrganicBeej
Photoshop nd Airbrush Masterclass with OrganicBeej
Photoshop nd Airbrush Masterclass with OrganicBeej
Photoshop nd Airbrush Masterclass with OrganicBeej
Photoshop nd Airbrush Masterclass with OrganicBeej

NOW AVAILABLE! Parts 7 through to 9 - Airbrushing the Mini Cooper S R53 Dashboard by OrganicBeej

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Art is Definitely Excellent Therapy. If my movies and Creative Projects go some way towards making your day a little better, then that is wonderful for me. I will keep my movies Free for the foreseeable future but if you feel you would like to make a donation - Any size, even £1 is very much appreciated. 

I have many, many plans to make so many creative films about different Projects, Places and People - ideas that I have harboured for over 12 years - and now, not only do have I access to all the technology on and off-line I need to do this professionally, but mentally, I am 100% ready. 2020 will be remembered for many different reasons . . but for me, personally, it will be the year that I finally re-claimed my Creativity and it feels wonderful.

Stay Safe - Look after Yourself and Those Close to You - and . . . 


We are very proud to announce our brand new on-line Art Store for 2020

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